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Keeping Your Current Number

Click here to find out how to keep your current phone number.

Getting a New Number

For a new phone number, use the drop-down lists below to see what’s available.

All the numbers listed are available right now! With VoIP, you’re no longer tied to your local area code or even to the country in which you live. Pick a number from Los Angeles or London, even if you live in Boston! And take that same number (or numbers) with you when you move to Sydney.

To use the drop-down lists, start from the left by choosing a country. Countries like the U.S. and Cananda will then offer choices for state/province, city, area code, the exchange within that area code, and finally the rest of the number. Other countries will require fewer choices. You'll see your number being built as you make your choices from the drop-down lists, left to right.

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