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SIPTalk Features

Online Account Management
Our browser-based VoIP Control Panel (VCP) allows you to manage your account, configure CallBlast (our combination of Call Forwarding and One Number services) and view received calls, missed calls and dialed calls, and manage your voicemail. Log in from the home page of this site.

This revolutionary feature is a combination of traditional Call Forwarding and One Number (Find Me / Follow Me) services. You can have your calls ring simultaneously on your office, mobile and home phones, or they can be set up to ring sequentially in any order and with whatever delay you decide to set. If you want to be found, this makes sure that you are! CallBlast is configured from your VCP.

Add-on Applications
  • Acrobits Softphone for iPhone: Extending our VoIP service to your iPhone is very easy. Simply purchase the Acrobits Softphone from the App store on your mobile phone and follow the instructions to install and configure the application to use your VoIP service wherever you can access a WiFi/3G network. (Symbian (Nokia) and Android OS applications coming soon).
  • IP-Fax allows you to receive faxes as PDF files in your email Inbox. Contact our customer service for details.
  • You can also download a free Softphone application from your VCP (click on Great Options). The Softphone allows you to make and receive calls—even video calls—from your computer.
Call Waiting
Works just like your old telephone company’s service, but you don’t pay extra for it!

Enhanced Caller ID
You’ll know who’s calling you, at a glance—both their number and their name. Again, it’s included as a standard feature.

Free On-Net Calling
Feel free to call other IP customers who are on our service. Your friends and family can use our service all over the world and there is never a charge to contact them.

Enhanced Voicemail (including VideoMail)
You get a very sophisticated voicemail system with personal greeting and have the option of forwarding voicemails as MP3 attachments to your email and/or sending notification via SMS to your mobile phone. You can access voicemail from your VCP by dialing 00 from your VoIP phone or by or dialing your VoIP number from any other phone (dial * once the announcement starts, and enter your password). You can even get voicemail if the person calling you has a video-capable device!

Message Waiting Indicator (MWI)
If you have unheard voicemail and your phone supports MWI, then the MWI light will blink. If your phone does not support MWI, you will hear a warbling dial tone when you go to place a call.

7-digit Local Dialing
If there’s one area code you call frequently, even if it’s not your own, you can configure your service so you only have to dial 7 digits for these calls. From your VCP, set the Area Code to the one you dial frequently (for US/Canada only).

3-Way Calling
By pressing the Flash key when you’re on a call, you’ll get a second dial tone and can place a second call. Hit Flash again, and all three of you are conferenced. Again—no extra charge.

Speed Dial
This allows you to call frequently-called numbers by pressing only one or two keys. It’s configured from your VCP.

Great International Rates
You benefit from our deep international experience. You get great quality combined with some of the lowest rates on the planet.

Electronic Billing
You receive your bill via email and can pay via credit card.

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