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Keep your Current Phone Number

Keep Your Current Phone Number
You don't have to lose your phone number if you change to VoIP. You can keep your current phone number in many places in the US. To find out if you can transfer it to VoIP service, just enter your area code and the first three numbers that follow into the Local Number Portability (LNP) Checker below, then click the Check LNP button.

Local Number Portability

How To Transfer Your Number To VoIP
It’s easy. And you can always transfer your number later if you want to try out your VoIP service first.

  1. Determine whether your current phone number can be transferred by using the LNP Checker.
  2. Sign up for VoIP and select a temporary number with whatever area code and exchange you want.
  3. Download the VoIP Number Portability Authorization Form by clicking here.
  4. Find a copy of your most recent phone bill that clearly shows your name, number and service delivery address. All of this information is usually on the first page of your bill. Remember, to transfer your current number, it must be active on your account with your local telephone company. Do NOT contact them to disconnect your local service, or you may lose your current number completely.
  5. Fill out the Authorization Form, sign it and fax it and the phone bill to the number listed on your form.
  6. Transferring your number will take between 7 and 30 days from the date that the completed paperwork has been received. You will be notified via email when the transfer has occurred.
  7. Once your existing number has been transferred, you have the choice of simply using this as your VoIP number or keeping both the existing and the new VoIP number for a small additional monthly charge.
  8. A one-time charge of $20 applies per number transferred.

What Problems Can Arise?

  1. If you are a DSL subscriber you may have to keep your current phone number to maintain your high-speed Internet connection. In this instance, we would suggest either transferring your DSL service to another phone line with your current carrier, or switching to Cable Internet instead of DSL. VoIP works well either way!
  2. Your local telephone company may be so small that they are not obligated to allow you to transfer your number to the company of your choosing.
  3. You may have contractual or financial obligations to your current provider.
  4. You may have features and associated services such as Transfer Freeze, Distinctive Ring, Ring Master or ISDN- or CENTREX-related features which cannot be transferred.
  5. There may be pending service changes associated with the number being transferred
  6. Please note you are responsible for any fees from your current provider associated with your number transfer.

What Happens If My Number Cannot Be Transferred?
Occasionally, we do run into phone numbers we simply cannot transfer. If we cannot transfer your current number, you may either:

  1. Keep your current phone number with minimal service and continue to use your new VoIP number for the great features and to help you save on outgoing calls.
  2. Discontinue your current phone number and just keep your new VoIP number and save even more.
  3. Discontinue your VoIP service and go back to paying your local telephone company way too much.