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Service FAQs -  Using VoIP Service
Can I call anyone, or do they also have to be a VoIP subscriber?

This VoIP service allows you to call anyone anywhere. If they are a subscriber to this service also, our service is free and unlimited no matter what service plan you have selected.

Calls to phones not on this VoIP service count against the minutes in your Service Plan. If you have an unlimited Service Plan, you can call anyone in the United States and Canada (and possibly other countries if they are included) at no additional charge, within the Terms & Conditions of this Service. The other person is not required to use this service (or even have a computer).

If you make international calls, those calls are billed at low international rates (or count against your Service Plan if it includes international minutes). Directory Assistance is billed separately for each call.

Can someone place a collect call to my VoIP phone number?
Collect calls can come TO your VoIP phone number, but the operator may or may not be able to verify your billing address. So the answer is probably not. You can, of course, place a collect call FROM your VoIP phone.
How can I check my call activity and account settings?
Log in to the VoIP Control Panel (VCP) Web portal with the user ID and password you received with your welcome e-mail. The VCP enables you to manage the features on your account. This includes: view received, missed, and dialed calls, check your voicemail, and change your 911 Emergency Call information (if you’re in the United States or Canada). You can also configure CallBlast (a combination of Call Forwarding and Find Me / Follow Me / One Number services).
How do I make a three-way conference call?
If you're using an analog telephone attached to an ATA, place a call to the first party you want to call. Next, press the Flash button on your handset, wait for a dialtone, then call the second party. After the second party answers, press the Flash button again to participate in a three-way call.

If you're using an IP phone, consult the guide that came with your specific phone model.

How do I make local, long distance or international calls?
If you’re from the United States or Canada, you dial 10-digit local numbers, long distance numbers and international numbers the way you always have. You can even leave off the “1” in front of any 10-digit U.S. or Canadian number because the service adds it for you. If you’re used to dialing 7-digit local numbers, you can set up 7-digit dialing for any area code of the United States or Canada via your VoIP Control Panel (VCP) on our customer website.

For a number in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, or a few Caribbean countries, dial: 1 + area code + phone number (the “1” is optional). For example: 1-310-861-4700.

For a number outside the United States and Canada, dial:    011 + country code + phone number + #. For example: 011-44-207-6686000 #. (TIP: Pressing the # key after dialing an international number speeds up your call by up to 5 seconds.)

The VoIP service also supports 00 + country code + phone number for international calls for those people who are used to originating calls from outside the United States or Canada.

How do I set up and use my VoIP voicemail?
To access or configure your voicemail, either dial 00 from your VoIP Device, or dial your VoIP phone number from any phone, then enter * when the voicemail prompt begins. Follow the simple instructions you hear to configure or retrieve your voicemail. You may also have your voicemail sent to your e-mail address as an MP3 attachment, or you can use your Web-based VCP (VoIP Control Panel).
If I sign up with you, can I have toll-free "8XX" calls ring to my VoIP number?
You can either get a new toll-free number or "port" an existing 8XX number to the VoIP service provider and they can have it ring to your VoIP number. You pay a setup fee and a monthly recurring charge for this service; such calls are generally NOT included in your VoIP Service Plan, so they will all be billed at a rate per minute.
If I use VoIP from overseas, do I dial differently when outside the United States or Canada? If I’m traveling, do people have to dial something different to reach me?
One of the major benefits of VoIP is that you can make and receive calls from anywhere on the planet where you have high-speed Internet access. Both how you dial and the phone number people dial to reach you remain the same no matter where you happen to be. If you’re connected to the Internet, the VoIP service will find you and deliver the call to whatever device (ATA, SIP Phone, or softphone) you’re using at the time. Understand that your call quality depends on the quality of the Internet connection you are using at the time.
What if I forget my VoIP phone number, my VCP user ID or my password?
Contact Customer Service using the information on this Web site for a reminder of your phone number, VCP user ID, and/or password, or Technical Support will reset the password for you.
What is CallBlast? How do I set it up and use it?
Log in to the VoIP Control Panel (VCP) Web portal with the user ID and password you received with your welcome e-mail to set-up and configure CallBlast. The revolutionary CallBlast feature is a combination of traditional Call Forwarding and One Number (Find Me / Follow Me) services. You can have your VoIP calls ring simultaneously on your office, mobile, and home phones, or they can be set up to ring sequentially in any sequence and with whatever delay you desire. If you want to be found, this makes sure that you are! CallBlast is configured from your Voice Control Panel (VCP).
Where can I find out how to use all the VoIP features?
Click here to go to the VoIP Features Page.
Why am I having a problem making international calls?
First, verify that you dialed the call correctly. If you are calling internationally, you need to dial 011 + Country Code prior to dialing the number. Keep in mind that due to the delays in routing of some international calls, you may have to wait before you hear the phone ringing from the far end. Give it a full 20 seconds before you hang up an international call.
Why am I unable to dial certain toll-free numbers?
The toll-free number that you're dialing may be a regional toll-free number and not a national number. Companies using toll-free numbers pay charges for every call and sometimes restrict where people can call them from. Because VoIP calls are routed via the Internet and because your VoIP number may have an area code that’s outside your local or state region, your number may be identified as one the company with the toll-free number won’t accept.