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Service FAQs -  General VoIP Info
How do I cancel my VoIP service?
 You can cancel service at any time by contacting Customer Service using the information on this Web site. Service will be stopped within 24 hours and you will be invoiced according to the applicable Terms & Conditions of your Service Plan.
What are the basic requirements to use VoIP?
You need high-speed Internet access, a touchtone phone, and an approved VoIP device. Whereas standard phones need an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) to use the service, IP Phones and softphones come VoIP-ready. If you are uncertain if your device is approved, please check with customer service.
What shipping method do you use?
The VoIP service provider will ship VoIP devices via tracked U.S. Post Office delivery, UPS, or FedEx. You should receive your device within seven business days of placing your order.
Why should I use VoIP?

Traditional phones and traditional rates are the dinosaurs of the 21st Century. VoIP provides the value you want now. You may save money with VoIP compared to traditional telephone service. Many Service Plans allow you to make unlimited calls to the United States and Canada, and some include other countries as well. Your voice travels over the Internet using a regular phone and world-class VoIP technology. You also get loads of premium features at no additional charge, including three-way calling, voicemail, CallerID, call waiting, a Web-based account management application (VCP or VoIP Control Panel), and CallBlast, a highly-intelligent Call Forwarding / Find Me / Follow Me application.

You can be set up and making calls in under five minutes! Plug the VoIP device into your high-speed Internet router, hook up a cordless or regular phone, and start making calls at big money-saving rates immediately. Enjoy those same savings and features whenever you travel by taking your VoIP Device with you or by using the Softphone application on your computer. You can transfer your current phone number to VoIP, or it also makes a perfect second phone line.

Will you contact my current telephone company to transfer or cancel my old telephone service?
No, your VoIP service provider does not contact your existing current telephone company at all. If you are ordering new VoIP service, you choose a new VoIP phone number that works over your existing Internet connection, but you are responsible for making any changes to your existing current telephone service. You can use your VoIP number and your legacy telephone service at the same time, if that is your preference. Or you can transfer your existing phone number to number provided by the VoIP service provider in most cases. Click here to find out more.