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Service FAQs -  Billing VoIP Service
Can I change my VoIP Service Plan at any time?
Yes, you may.  Please contact customer service for more information.
Can I get a paper bill?
If you're not already getting a paper bill, a link to your invoice is emailed to you every month. You can always print it out from your Web browser if you need something for filing purposes.  Getting a paper bill mailed to you is possible, although there may be an additional monthly charge for the service.
Can unused minutes be carried to the next month?
If you have a Limited Plan, you cannot carry over unused minutes from one month to the next.
Do you take any other payment method besides credit card?
At this point, no. Special arrangements will be considered for larger corporate customers.
How is the first month of my VoIP Service Plan computed?

It depends on the monthly bill cycle you are assigned.  If your cycle begins the day you sign up, then your first invoice may have a full month of any monthly fees (Service Plan, 911 fee, etc.), plus it may have charges for any device purchased and relevant taxes, Federal USF charges, LNP fee, and your Service Plan setup fee.  All monthly fees are billed in advance, so your first invoice, if it comes about a month after you signed up, may have two months' charges.

If your cycle does not begin the day you sign up, then your first invoice may pro-rate the amount of all monthly fees plus bill you in advance for one full month of service along with the one-time charges mentioned above. If you have further questions, please contact Customer Service using the information on this Web site.

How much do I pay for making calls that are not included in my Service Plan?

You will pay the per minute rates of your Rate Plan for any excess minutes not included in your Service Plan. For further information, contact Customer Service using the information on this Web site

What are my startup costs?
It depends on your Service Plan.  Startup costs may include, but are not limited to: the Device (ATA or phone), if purchased with the service; a shipping and handling charge for the Device; sales tax on the Device; a fee to setup and activate your VoIP Service; your first month of 911 fee; any applicable Regulatory Fees; an LNP fee if applicable; and the first month of your VoIP Service Plan.  All of these may vary with different Service Plans and different offerings.
What is the Regulatory Compliance fee on my invoice
Filings are made with State and Federal regulators about the nature and regulatory status of VoIP, and there are employees whose sole job it is to follow such issues and ensure compliance.
What is the Universal Service Fund?

The goals of Universal Service, as mandated by the 1996 Telecommunications Act, are to promote the availability of quality services at just, reasonable, and affordable rates; increase access to advanced telecommunications services throughout the Nation; and advance the availability of such services to all consumers.

The FCC recently mandated that VoIP providers are required to contribute to the Federal Universal Service Fund (USF).  Because compliance with this mandate from the FCC is required, the appropriate Federal USF is added to your bill.

What taxes and fees do I pay on my VoIP Device and Service Plan?
You pay applicable sales taxes (state and local) on your SIP device. The Federal Government has ruled that VoIP Service has to pay Federal Universal Service Fund (USF) fees, and states and local governments are expected to follow suit shortly. You will be billed for the minimum taxes and fees which governments have mandated for VoIP service.
What will be on my first invoice?
It depends on your Service Provider.  Your first invoice may show all your startup costs (see: What are my startup costs?).  In addition it may show the pro-rated amount for monthly recurring fees. We bill VoIP service monthly in advance, just like you pay for your cable television or local phone service. It may show the initial credit card payment you made (if any), so you’ll only owe the current month of service. All appropriate taxes and fees will also be added to your invoice, just like with any utility bill.
What will be on my subsequent VoIP invoices?

It depends on your Service Provider.  Your subsequent invoices may have your monthly Service Plan fee and any 911 or Regulatory fees for the coming month. In addition, there may be charges for any calls you made in the previous month that were not included in your Service Plan, plus appropriate taxes and fees.