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Service FAQs -  911, 411 and 900 Calls
Can I use your service with my home alarm or security system or personal emergency response services company?
In theory, it should work simply by connecting your alarm to one of our ATAs in the same way that the alarm connects to a normal telephone line. However, it is recommended that you keep a regular phone line for a home alarm/security system or personal emergency response device because your VoIP device depends on your broadband Internet connection and electrical power. If your power goes out, your VoIP service will not work unless your entire network is on a UPS system (Uninterruptible Power Supply). Consult your current alarm service provider for further information.
Do you provide 911 or E911 services?
This VoIP service is compliant with the regulatory mandates for VoIP providers to support 911 Emergency Calling services in both the United States and Canada. Even so, it is suggested that customers may wish to keep a regular phone line (often used for their DSL service) or a mobile phone, because dialing 911 from one of those phones can be a more certain way of reaching Emergency services.  See the appropriate section of our Terms & Conditions of Service for more details.
Will I be able to dial 411 from my VoIP number?
Directory assistance (411) is available in most instances. Simply dial 411 from your VoIP device or Softphone. For more information contact Customer Service using the information on this Web site.